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Microcurrent in Wellness and Sports Performance Enhancement

Microcurrent podcast

Microcurrent in Wellness and the Increase In sports Conduction   Here’S the full Transcription of the Podcast about Microcurrent In Wellness and Sports Performance Enhancement   I: Welcome to a new Podcast of Mikrostrom Punkt com, today again an interesting Edition, namely an interview. As an Interviewee, I have won Doctor Thorsten Stüker. He is […]

Wellness device microcurrent – short message


Mikrostromgerät als Wellnessprodukt / Wellnessgerät und nicht als Medizinprodukt kaufen/verkaufen Short message – from current cause: What should be considered if a microcurrent device is declared as a wellness product / wellness device and when will a medical device automatically become unwanted from a wellness device? Medical devices are subject to very strict conditions before […]