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Prostate hypertrophy with microcurrent

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Prostate Hypertrophy – Experience Microcurrent Therapy


“[…] I had a great result in a 55-year-old man with Zn BSV L4 / 5 and in addition benign prostatic hypertrophy, which causes him great discomfort due to pressure behind the pubis, and he had to wait at least 5-6 before treatment get up at night and urinate .. The back was no longer a problem After the first treatment, he could sleep through completely without a toilet gear.
I used 2 plants. First, I glued the automatic attachment for the spine. I applied the electrodes as an interference system through the L4 / L5 disc. Then I flooded the prostate. As an electrode system, I glued the plus poles to the left and right of the dam and crossed the negative poles above the pubic bone. As frequencies I chose 294, 321, 9, 970, 40, 286, 29, 8, 49 // 5. He said that the region had never felt so relaxed for a long time. […] “(physiotherapist non-medical practitioner for physical therapy, 2018)



Physiotherapist Non-medical practitioner for physical therapy (11.01.2019). Prostatic hypertrophy (e-mail).

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