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Power2Cell Cell Energy System BCR-Therapie

Power2Cell, Cell-Energy-System BCR-Therapie


power2cell Cell Energy System for BCR Therapy Model: MSTU-VWS-00 Product Description: What is the power2cell device and what does it do? The power2cell Cell Energy System has been developed for the end consumer on the basis of a device widely used in medicine. After a few applications with the power2cell, your symptoms will be significantly reduced. The Partners in Health GmbH & Co KG thus provides an innovative system that can be used by the entire family and make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life. With the power2Cell Energy System you will experience a lot of relief after just a few applications, which can lead to the absence of any complaints if the Power2Cell is used regularly. Power2Cell is versatile and easy to use and will give you a lot of fun! All complaints, regardless of which part of the body is affected, have one thing in common: the energy expenditure in the local tissue as well as in the whole body – the organism – has changed. Think of a flu or the local inflammation of a wound, exhaustion by stress or the increased energy needs in sports. All stress states of the organism release or inhibit energy processes in the body. The body’s most important source of energy is ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). for all physiological processes – whether movement, breathing, digestion, immune defense or healing – ATP is needed. This ATP is the fuel for the small transport processes in the cells and the cell membranes and ensures the proper functioning of the organism. Applications: The power2Cell device has a very wide range of applications. The first use takes place with all complaints, acute as well as chronic, on the entire musculoskeletal system. Injuries in sports or age-related signs of wear. For accelerated recovery after physical exertion or as a preventive measure to prevent infections and strengthen the immune system. The power2Cell device can be used successfully in: Joint and back pain: signs of wear and tearstretch irritationInternet injuriesTreatment of the diseaseReservation in sportsImmourctificationColdingsetc. Second hand! As a test device in use! Tested & cleaned! Perfectly functional! Note: For commissioning, 4x HR6 AA rechargeable batteries are required. The batteries are not included! Subject of the offer: Product as described / illustrated Case1x Adhesive electrodes PG4701x Adhesive electrodes PG473 Carrying strap for portable operation Power supplyUserInstruction no further accessories available!

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