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Microcurrent | Micro power

What is called microcurrent or micro-current?

The use of electricity in medicine is not new. Clinicians used microcurrent to treat bone fractures over 150 years ago. Electromedicine and the experiences of the last century were recently renewed by clinical studies from Germany. Most doctors and therapists know their therapeutic benefits. Electrotherapy, especially micro current therapy, can be used for a variety of clinical conditions. (1)

In fact, it can be of great benefit for the treatment of many pains associated with cellular metabolism disorders, rapid relief of symptoms, and promotion of healing. It has significantly fewer side effects than medications for chronic conditions. (1)

Microcurrent therapy can be a significant improvement in pain management. Signals are used in the microampere range, 1000 times less than the TENS and therefore below Sensation threshold which results in a pain suppression. The pulse width or the length of time of the current microcurrent devices, are much longer than the previous technologies. A typical microcurrent pulse is about 0.5 seconds, the time is many times longer than the pulse in a typical TENS device, and a good microcurrent is about ten times the electronic circuitry of a TENS device. (1)



Sources information

(1) Journal of Advancement in Medicine Vol. 8, Number 2, Summer 1995 The Basis for Microcurrent Electrical Therapy in Conventional Medical Practice; Joseph M. Mercola, DO and Daniel L. Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM


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