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Microcurrent in Wellness and Sports Performance Enhancement

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Microcurrent in Wellness and the Increase In sports Conduction


Here’S the full Transcription of the Podcast about Microcurrent In Wellness and Sports Performance Enhancement


I: Welcome to a new Podcast of Mikrostrom Punkt com, today again an interesting Edition, namely an interview. As an Interviewee, I have won Doctor Thorsten Stüker. He is a Physicist and Electronics Developer and has already made some interesting Developments in The Field of Microcurrent Therapy and the Application of Microcurrent. By saying: “Hello, Doctor Stüker.” #00:00:29-0 #

B: A wonderful good Evening, dear Listeners, and also a wonderful good Evening, Mr. Walitschek. I run a Development Office for Medical Technology and consumer electronics and develop, among other Things, Microcurrent Devices that are sold on The Market, on the one hand in the spa Area and on the other hand in The medical technology sector. I have a relatively wide Range Of Customers and enjoy a rather pleasant Situation, namely that at the Moment I can almost exclusively Carry out Micropower Development. #00:01:14-1#

I: That’s great, that fits perfectly into our Theme. The Core Topic today is Microcurrent, not seen from the Point of View of therapy, but Also Microcurrent once thought further into the Field of Sport, especially the athletic Performance Enhancement. The associated Area of Wellness, so not so much the therapeutical-medical sector, but the Question: How can Microcurrent bring real Benefits to Users and Customers in these Areas as well? I would be particularly interested: What is Your Background on Development in general, electronics and Software Development? Maybe Give the Listener a little bit of a Demotion very Briefly. #00:02:09-8#

B: My Background is relatively simple explained: After an Apprenticeship as an Electromechanic and a master’S degree in Electromechanic Craftsmanship, I completed a Degree in physics. After that, as a Developer, I developed electronics and software, among other things for the Automotive industry, but again and again and more intensively for medical Technology. I came across the Issue Of Microcurrent at some point. This had a bit to do with Caroline McMakin, which is a doctor from the USA who deals very intensively with Microcurrent, but also with the almost mystical and mysterious Literature on the Topic Of Microcurrent in Germany. I then dealt with it because I thought that there actually had to be a scientifically sound and also scientifically sound background to the Mode of Action of the Microcurrent. If Efficacy is given, one must be able to derive appropriate Possibilities for improving and Intensifying therapies from the scientifically sound foundations that One develops. The Bridge that results is clearly also the increase in athletic Performance, Wellness and Fitness. That sounds a bit like a Fad At first, a bit like saying, “We’re selling the Goodwill here forever,” but that’s not what it’s about, you have to look at the Whole thing from two Sides. When I apply Microcurrent, there are a few Effects I always have no matter what I do. When I pass the Current through the Body, the ATP synthesis changes under five hundred Microamperes for The Better, over a Milliamper to the negative, if you go up to the regions that release electrical Sports Equipment into the Body, Then even into the Nier-damaging Area. For example, Microcurrent can be used to cure Diseases, which you have been dealing with almost exclusively for a relatively long time, because for example you have cured sports injuries, treated Back Pain or improved mobility. In principle, Microcurrent Has Therefore been used in physiotherapy practice. At first, no one came up with the Idea of thinking in a different Direction. There were always flaring device Series sold under the Heading Wellness, but these were actually medical Devices whose Indication was pain Treatment and The Like, so you could say that no one thought of Wellness. One had set out the Opposite of the Holistic View of the patient and thus cut himself further and further from the Development. If you approach the Topic of Microcurrent From the Point of view of Wellness, then you can afford this Wholeness again, and that is a lot of Fun and Joy. That Is why I have been happy to develop a Wellness System that goes completely different Ways, namely not treating the sick patient as a Patient, but offering the Patient the Opportunity to feel more comfortable in his individual Living Situation. Microcurrent can do much more than just treat the Pain. Microcurrent, for Example, can also help calm down vegetatively, feel more comfortable and increase athletic Performance. You also do This with the medical Equipment, only you look at the athletic Performance, in the performance in sports, only the Professional. But What about the 78-year-old, where the athletic Performance Enhancement would already be if, instead of having to brake after 15 Steps, he could still manage the 21 Steps up to his Grandchildren in the Rental House? In Principle, this is nothing more than an Increase in athletic Performance, which we Usually always disregard in Development. Development always follows the Mirror of Society. The Mirror of today’s society is young, fit beautiful, and one then forgets this second Side of the Coin, namely the Age, the Restrictive on the one hand, the health Situation, the living situation, and also, of course, the wear And tear Situation. We all wear out, we all have various Problems that cannot be eliminated, but where you could simply increase the Performance of the entire Organ Apparatus a bit and thus increase the Overall Performance. These are, for Example, two such approaches, which can simply be said, that this is not about health, it is not about Curating diseases, but it is only a question of these People experiencing an Increase In performance. This Performance Enhancement in practical Life is much more than a simple Increase in performance, it is a very important Point for these Patients in their Lives to achieve this bit more power. This can Be Microcurrent very well. #00:08:27-8#

I: That’s a very elementary Point. When we talk about ageing Or New German the Aging or Anti-Aging, then Microcurrent is, In my View, one of the Means of Choice. What I have noticed in the Course of the research we have done on a wide range of Devices is, of course, the Field Of cosmetics. Micorcurrent is already relatively well represented in the United States and also in Asia and is well advertised. If you look at Social Media and look Out for Facial Microcurrent and similar Search words there, you’ll find a lot. How do You see the Wellness and Cosmetics sectors? Do You limit that or what is Your Point of view? #00:09:30-5#

B: It is essential to demarcate that. Cosmetics and Wellness have only superficial to do with each other. If you understand under a Wellness cure, a Feel-good Cure, that you go in There and come back out looking ten years younger, it’s basically like, “Spedle, paint and polish the Car once, paint it and polish it to make it look like new.” As a result, however, nothing New has come into it yet. Wellness goes much deeper. If we look at this Issue holistically, if we see man as the Whole Way behind it, Then cosmetics is exactly what it always is, a superficial change in appearance. Wellness is something much Deeper. Wellness means feeling comfortable, we don’t have a reasonable Word for that in the German Language. In the English Language, the Term Wellness was created as an Art word in the late Seventies, In the early Eighties, where the Wellness hotels Came up. Basically, though, wellness is about much more, and that becomes quite clear in the British Health System with the Word Welfare. It is no longer about medical Treatment, but about Welfare, that is, about preserving and improving The Value of life. When we talk about Wellness Equipment, cosmetics are not Wellness, Cosmetics are cosmetics. Cosmetics is basically right in the Middle Between the Attack Point medical Technology and the Attack Point wellness. The Problem with Cosmetics, however, is that I always walk on the fine Line: “Is this Already Medical Technology or is this still Cosmetics?” To do that, you have to deal with it, which is a Huge problem in Europe as a regulatory Matter. The Basic Thing is that we are talking about Wellness and not about cosmetics, that is, not about smoothing the Wrinkles and creating the clean Facial Skin, that is cosmetic in nature, but about giving the Body the opportunity to relax as deeply as possible, That we can generate a high Level of energy Regeneration as much as possible, that we can generate a high Level of physical Energy Reserve. This requires more than a Microcurrent Device, it always takes a Concept around it. This is similar to a Diet that only works if you change your bad Habits, namely overeating and drinking too much, not just for the Duration of the Diet. After a successful Diet, you must not start eating the same way you ate before the Diet and move again just as little as you moved before the Diet, then there is no Point in all this, then that fizzles out. #00:12:47-2 #

I: That’s absolutely right. I think the Demarcation from Cosmetics to Wellness is a comparatively simple Area. What interests me in particular, as You mentioned very briefly, is the Area of legal regulation of Microcurrent Devices. A Microcurrent Device is not primarily a Medical Device, but of course it is often used therapeutically and therefore, in my Opinion, it is important for Users to delineate: Where is the Spa? Where does the Spa Start, where does the Spa Stop? Where are we in the medical Field? This can be a Problem for both Users and Manufacturers, provided they are Based in Europe or import equipment from a Third Country such as the US, China or similar Countries. The Importer is the Marketing Provider. How do You see the Situation of creating and maintaining the Demarcation between the Spa And the medical Area? #00:14:12-9#

B: I first explain This to you on the basis of an Equivalence Example, so that one can see the Depth of this Demarcation, because it is not so simple that it cannot be attached to a Practical Door. It’s not automatically medical when I go through a Practice Door, and not automatically Fitness, when I walk through the Door of a Gym, it’s not as simple as that. This can be seen in the following Situation: If You sit with the Orthopaedic surgeon and your Knees are broken because You weigh too much, then the Orthopedic surgeon will talk to You about healthy Eating and a healthy Exercise Program. If You don’t suffer from Obesity, morbid obesity, but just weigh a bit too much and move a bit too little, that’s not a medical Feat, but Your Doctor will talk to You about it. If You suffer from Obesity, then the Nutritional Advice he does is medical in Nature. That distinguishes lawmakers. From the Time you perform treatment as a Medical Doctor, Naturopath or Doctor, the Question of whether or not it is a medical Matter is decided at the point where it is a matter of Alleviation of Diseases. In the case of Medical Devices, it is also relatively simple: When I talk about the Relief, the Cure or even The Prevention of Diseases, then I am talking about a Medical Device. Pain is a Condition, that’s a very clear Thing. If I treat these, then I treat them as Medics. #00:16:17-0#

I: As far as I can see, that’s a Problem because the manufacturers on the Market act in such a way that they release it relatively, so I wonder: How do you create the Demarcation? When I work as a Fitness Coach or Fitness Trainer, my Clients who are not Patients have minor physical Problems, and it’s obvious that Microcurrent can be quite helpful there. Do You have a Recommendation on how To distinguish the Fitness Trainer from the trained and tested therapist when using Microcurrent for Performance Enhancement, wellness or Muscle Soreness treatment? In this Definition, the Concept of Treatment is a Problem. #00:17:25-7#

B: The Demarcation does not take place in the one who applies it, but in the Earmarking of the Device, that is where the problem lies. The Sports Coach, which results from the Naturopaths Act, is not allowed to carry out any medical Treatments at all. If the Patient has a painful Condition, he must not be treated by him. When the Pain Patient goes to a Doctor or Naturopath, the Doctor or Naturopath has the Decision to say, “Colleague, what you have there is a Medical condition, it’s really fat Muscle Fiber cracks, we need to treat that. You’ve overdone it a bit when It comes to sports and I recommend you relax, rest and do something there. ” Whether and where the Person doing this uses Microcurrent is not subject to a medical Decision, the medical Decision starts much earlier. That is also the Problem, I agree With You: When you advertise Microcurrent Devices in Gyms, where, for example, it says, as I once saw, ‘ Make sure you’re out of Pain ‘, of course that’s not a Matter for a Gym, but for a Doctor. #00:19:09-2 #

I: For a Doctor or Therapist, completely right. #00:19:11-7#

B: An Athlete in Performance Building will have Muscle Soreness after each Pension increase. We all know the Problem when we do Sports, which can be countered with Microcurrent. One can significantly minimize the Muscle Soreness through the Processes that take place in the body, if one interacts With Microcurrent in the athletic Performance Enhancement even before the Appearance of the Muscle Cat, so that the appropriate Relaxation and Energization of the Cell Apparatus ensures that this Effect does not occur. Interestingly, we also know today that this does not help with properly fat Muscle Fiber Tears. If There is a Muscle Fiber Tear due to Overload, then the Pain is there even without Muscle Soreness, and that is exactly where that demarcates. When he says: “It worked out so great at The athletic Performance enhancement, now I buy a Microcurrent Device that has a pain Program. Now I tap into Pain and then I treat the Muscle Fiber Tear, “then on the One hand it violates the Medicines Practitioners Act, unless he is a Doctor or Naturopath, and on the other hand, the Microcurrent device is a medical Microcurrent Device at that Moment. On the One hand, the Demarcation takes place far beforehand: Are you a Doctor or a Naturopath or not? And on the other hand, of course: Is this a Device for Pain therapy or not? Another Problem is that in Germany, but also in most other European Countries, we have so-called Freedom of Therapy. In other words, Doctors are, in Principle, subject to no other Rules in the Treatment of a Disease than to drug and other legal Interventions. This ensures that the Doctor can make the Decision, for Example: “You have a Muscle Fibre Tear, that’s where we need to intervene now. So that you can relax accordingly, let us run a bit of Wellness now, then you do that, that and that. ” The Doctor can do That, you can’t ban that from him. He can also recommend to the Patient: “Go to a Sauna and then spring to the Ice pool.” That’s not even unhealthy in Quotation marks yet. It does not prevent Disease and does not relieve any, but it helps the Body to cope with the disease better by corresponding Increase in physical Performance. We are Clear that the more Strength our Bodies are able to muster, that is, the more recovered we are, the sooner the Body is able to cope with a Story such as a Muscle Fibre Tear. It is a Tightrope walk to make that Decision, and this fine Line, this Decision, can only be made By Medics in this Measure anyway. This starts with the Physiotherapists: There are a lot of Physiotherapists who violate The Medicines Act every Day with their Microcurrent Devices, because they are not allowed to treat freely. As long as the Physiotherapist is not a Naturopath for Physiotherapy or Mini-rope Practitioner, as I call him, he must not make it easy. #00:22:50-1 #

I: There is also a small Addition to this: The Physiotherapist has a big Advantage in the free application of Microcurrent therapy, namely that Microcurrent Therapy, as long as it is a therapeutical-medical Device, is a Form of Electrotherapy. Is. Microcurrent Is by Definition covered By Electrotherapy and because the Training Curriculum of physiotherapists contains Electrotherapy, it has the Freedom of application to use these Types of Devices and Therapy. #00:23:30-9#

B: But He does not have the Freedom to Diagnose. #00:23:33-8#

I: No, he does not have the Freedom of Diagnosis, that is absolutely correct. #00:23:36-6#

B: Having said that, I would not be bothered by this either, Mr Walitschek, because that would be counterproductive. Importantly, you learn to recognize: When am I in a medical Application? The best Example is a Cancer Patient, where the Doctor said bone dry, “He needs a bit of Exercise for his Circulation to keep going.” This was not a medical Statement made by the Doctor, but was simply about the Patient still doing as well as he could at the Stage just before Death. The Demarcation is extremely difficult, I don’t want to question that at all, but it’s quite simple at one Point: If I do anything to cure a patient of a Disease, with a Device that’s not meant to be, then I have a Problem. In Principle, this has always been the case, and it will always be the case. If I try to enable a Patient who suffers from a Disease to increase the Well-being around this Disease as much as possible, then this may well be a Part of the Patient’s Therapy as a Wellness, but not medically. You have to know exactly what you’re doing. Medical Applications for appropriate medical Devices and Applications involving the Well-being of the Person concerned, Energization and Refreshing, which are also particularly concerned with improving Self-perception, are two different Areas. You can already see That when You turn on a Device like that. When You turn on a Microcurrent Device, for example from Luxxamed, you can see relatively quickly that Pain is treated, which is exactly how described according to the Earmarking of the Device. If You turn on a Wellness Device, for example, you will see such programs as good Breathing, then you will see such programs as Dream Figure. But It is not about Obesity treatment and it is not about the Asthmatic, but about the normal Person under normal Conditions. Maybe he smoked a bit, ate a bit too much, and is now doing a fitness, sports and exercise Regimen. It gets the extra Energy Boost in The Microcurrent Range to be able to achieve its Goals more easily. While this is also a Form of athletic Performance Enhancement, if You will, at Its core a non-medical Application. Now we come to the big Problem that many holistic Naturopaths, holistically working Physicians and Naturopaths face and that the German Health Insurance companies also know: In German Health insurance law there is no Prescription for Feel-good Treatment. That’s clear, the German Health Insurance Companies are right to say, “Why are we supposed to pay the Patient to make him feel comfortable?” For this, a holistic View is needed, and with that we are in the holistic Point of view. In holistic Contemplation, all Parameters that rotate in a Person’s Life count. The Disease is a Parameter, but the Residual Person is a whole Series of other Parameters. If we do not get to worry about the Disease at the moment, we can still look at the Environmental Parameters, that is, The fitness, well-being, the Energization and the Possibilities of the Affected person and provide him with as much support as possible in order to get Back here To come on a more grateful Path for him. The Theory behind this is if the Body is fitter, if it has more Strength, then it is much better able to cope with a Condition. Several Studies have shown that the Body can cope even better with subsequent Therapies. #00:28:54-7 #

I: With school medical Therapies. #00:28:55-9#

B: The Problem in modern Medicine is that it has increasingly forgotten people, we both know that. This Forgetting of Man in modern forms of therapy, in modern therapeutic Institutions, has led to the fact that The Naturopaths experienced a Renaissance in the seventies and Eighties, after the National Socialists came up with the Creation of the Health Practitioners ‘ law had de facto ended the Freedom Of Courier. At that time, attempts were made to ensure that there were no more Miracle Healers in Germany. In the Seventies, more and more Voices arose that such Therapists are needed in the Population, and then schools were allowed to be allowed to exist again. It should not be forgotten that the National Socialists had clearly regulated who can and cannot be naturopaths in the Naturopaths Act at the Time. They had regulated something that most people are no longer aware of today, namely that there must no longer be schools in Germany to Train Naturopaths and that no new Examinations may be offered. Only Ministerial Decisions could still offer People the Opportunity to join this Profession, and one can imagine that there were no Ministerial Decisions. If you look at it closely, you can see that in 1944 there were no more Naturopaths in Germany, in 1943 there were ten more. This shows that attempts have been made to thin out this Profession. In the 1970S it turned out that we need this Profession, which has a lot to do with the fact that our Medicine is very technical and that our Medical Professionals are very specialised. The Wholeness and also the Taking care, as the Americans like to say, this holistic Care of the Patient, is part of this as an important Building block. One of the Things the Naturopath does is wellness, we should be aware of That. This shows that not everything that is done is medical Application. This is precisely what makes it as difficult as I said at the beginning: It does not stop at the Practical Door. This is true in both Directions, which means that I cannot forbid the Naturopath from giving the Patient this Assistance. He must even have freedom, that is my very clear Opinion, and many Naturopaths do so. There Are Naturopaths hosting Kneipp cures. As we know, Kneipp cures have a relatively low medical Benefit, but they empower people because they increase Fitness and Mobility, and most importantly, the Heart becomes fitter because it is trained. The Heart is not stimulated by medication or with any devices, but trained accordingly by the Strain this Kneipp application brings. At The End of the day, we have to look at this in parallel When we look at Microcurrent Devices. That is why I said at the outset that Microcurrent Devices used to Cure and Alleviate diseases, on which programs are installed to Cure and Alleviate diseases, are by no Means outside medical Hands in one Such a scope may be used. Above all, you need to have a Compliance assessment that allows that to happen. #00:32:56-5#

I: That’s a very important Area, yes. I think You have impressively explained the Area of Demarcation between Wellness and Medicine. There will certainly be Problems in the Future and also a Case Law on them. We are on the verge of the final entry into force of The Regulation on medical Devices, the MDR, which will come in 2020, and the Wellness Devices are once again more sharply quantified in terms of Demarcation. Of Course, you have to see here, too, that it’s always about Patient protection. It’s also about User Protection, which means that Wellness Devices are handled differently in a regulatory sense than medical Devices, where Users who have enjoyed medical Training, Such as Doctors, Physiotherapists and Naturopaths, have a different Angle And have a different Approach. With our Podcast, we are already a little bit above the Dateline with just under 35 Minutes, but I believe that an explicit podcast on Microcurrent And Cosmetics would be interesting once again. The Topic Of Microcurrent and Wellness provides Material for another Consequence. The Interview was great in my Eyes, I thought it was great. I think the Listeners have received a real Burst of information on The Topic of Microstrom, whether it’s wellness, Medicine or Cosmetics. It’s about us wanting to share Information that wants to make Users safer and want to show the Topic Of Microcurrent in General. We are not talking about Hocus Pocus, but about scientifically and medically sound Basics in the Wellness Area and in the Sports performance area. This is very important to me personally, because we don’t do Esotericism here, but actually sound Things. From my Side we have reached the End of this Podcast, from the Duration we have already been a bit over. Are there one or two Sentences you would like to share with the Audience At this Point? #00:35:38-0#

B: Yes, of course. You have just said it so beautifully: We are not talking about Hocus Pocus, we are talking about scientifically sound practices, that is an important Sentence. Even more important is the Sentence: We talk about the Safety of the Person concerned, both in the Wellness Equipment and in the medical Devices. This Safety will be taken to a new Level from 2020, because the safety Requirements for the Wellness Equipment will correspond to those of the medical Devices, and I think that is very important. Then the User can be sure that these Devices are functional and do not pose a Hazard. That is a very important Thing. #00:36:31-8#

I: That’s exactly how I see it. Wonderful, then I would like To take this Opportunity to thank you very much for the Interview, for the Time You have taken for this Interview. Thank you to the Listeners for taking the Time To listen to this Podcast. As always, I ask, rate us, rate us at iTunes, at the Hoster, at the Provider where you will listen to this Podcast or be offered it. Follow us on Facebook, find our Page under the Term Microstream. Of Course, you are welcome to subscribe to our Blog, YouTube channel or Instagram channel. In Doing so, I would like to thank you for listening, for the nice, friendly and, in my View, above all profitable conversation and saying: Until soon and until next Time. Ciao. #00:37:35-9#

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