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Microcurrent devices in Germany

Microcurrent device can be ‘easy’ to call, but what quality and safety would I like to have as a user?

This list makes no claim to completeness and is merely an overview. The mentioned device names are registered trademarks and the rights are the responsibility of the respective brand owner. If you find errors or have other or additional information, please contact us. The illustrations of the devices were created or photographed by our editors!


We tried to give an overview of the listed devices. The new requirements of the directive EU 93/42 EWG clinical studies are prescribed since 2010, even if the devices were in the market before this date! Some manufacturers refer exclusively to studies from abroad that have NOT been performed with these devices! How equivalent these studies to the respective devices are is very questionable and is up to the decision of the respective competent supervisory authorities! Microcurrent devices are electrically medical devices and thus “active medical devices”.


Active electrical medical devices like microcurrent devices must be tested according to IEC 60601-1 in the current 3rd edition. These include various tests that must be performed in special laboratories, if the manufacturer does not have the knowledge or the necessary calibrated equipment for it! This test is required by law! However, it is apparently not or only incompletely carried out by some manufacturers! Take care of your microcurrent, ask your salesperson or directly the manufacturer, because you as the user are responsible!!

Microcurrent and ATP production of 500% + ???

Some manufacturers refer to explanations and scientific descriptions on their websites (these statements must all be proven by studies !!) to an increase in ATP production of up to 500%, membrane transport 30-40% and protein synthesis up to 75%! It is highly recommended to consider these statements as critical to not possible. The study was carried out in the early 80s and not on human cells! Acknowledged chemists and biologists confirm that measuring intracellular ATP production would not be possible at this time! Therefore, the numbers were determined by a so-called “enzyme screening” and extrapolated accordingly!



Overview of used microcurrent devices



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