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Clinic-Master Microcurrent

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The Clinic-Master and Vital-Master are the most successful microcurrent devices in Europe

As the successor of the cos-med Clinic-Master from the year 2000, the Clinic-Master professional, as the most successful microcurrent device in Europe, started its ‘triumphant advance’ in biological cell regulation therapy (BCR-therapy). In Europe and Asia, the Clinic Master and also the Vital Master have been sold well over 1000 times and the users of these microcurrent devices enjoy the effect and the use of these devices even today. In 2011, both sets of units were discontinued in production and sales, and the manufacturer company, Walitschek Medizintechnik GmbH, was taken over by Luxxamed GmbH at that time. As a successor, with a ‘heavy legacy’, the Luxxamed HD1000, the first fully automatic and computer-controlled microcurrent device with the latest LED light therapy, was launched in November 2011.

This article would like to draw a ‘portrait’ of these two devices and at the same time show what possibilities there have been in micro current therapy in Germany over 18 years ago and what has been done scientifically, medically and technically to establish this form of therapy.

Looking back – how did the Clinic Master come about?

Microcurrent therapy is an old hat, especially in the US. Dr. McMakin’s frequency-specific microcurrent therapy has delivered groundbreaking achievements and outstanding scientific research to further advance microcurrent therapy.

cos-med Clinic-Master
cos-med Clinic-Master

But what about Germany, or did it look like a Germany? On 04.08.2000 the cos-med Clinic-Master was launched. The manufacturer was the company Walitschek Medizintechnik. For example, the cos-med Clinic Master was successfully used by the German Football Association at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney:

“Also the” cos med Clinic-Master “of the company Walitschek cos-med helped us a lot to keep injured and injured players jumping on the Olympic train thanks to an intensive and successful treatment with the device. But even on-site, your device was in action almost daily to quickly counteract minor wounds. “(DFB, 2000)

Letter from the German Football Association, Willi Hink Department Manager Game Operations / Referee, 08.11.2000

Despite the success of the cos-med Clinic Masters, it was found that the practical application was somewhat complicated as the user had all the frequencies (0.1 – 990 Hz), current (0.1 – 990 micro-A.) And polarity , had to stop by hand. Although there was a small program memory in the device itself, but this was usually not enough. Thus, in 2003, the development and at the beginning of 2004 the sales of the Clinic-Master professional and the Vital-Master will start. These two devices were produced from 2004 to early 2011 and distributed in Europe and Asia.

Clinic-Master prof. and Vital-Master 2003-2011

Clinic-Master prof. und Vital-Master

The two microcurrent devices formed a unit in the BCR microcurrent therapy. The Vital-Master, a 2-channel ‘small appliance’ equipped with a rechargeable battery, was especially used in sports and rental equipment by doctors, physiotherapists and non-medical practitioners. The Vital-Master was programmed from a Clinic-Master chip card and the practitioner was even able to determine how many applications a patient could use. Today one would say: ‘therapy on demand’ or ‘prepaid therapy’.

Vital-Master Microcurrent Device

The therapy with the stick electrodes, see picture above, is very popular with physiotherapists and manual therapists. It allows you to treat fascia and even whole muscle chains easily and quickly.

The Vital Master was equipped with 60 pre-programmed indications as standard. We will explain these further in the following, which are the indications of the Vital Master, are actually the indications of the Clinic Masters 😉.

Technical description Clinic-Master, Vital-Master

The Clinic-Master device and the Vital-Master are a diagnostic and treatment system that belongs to the category of “Electro-therapy devices” (BCR therapy) with micro-current and LED light therapy [Nanophoton therapy] and is used in medical pain, vascular, joint therapy, neurology, sports traumatology, postoperative rehabilitation and in the cosmetic field. The device is used in the clinic, private practice, physiotherapy practice and naturopathic practice as a diagnostic and therapeutic device. The creation of patient chip cards for the mobile micro-current device Vital-Master by the doctor / therapist allows the patient to continue the therapy at home.

The use of the latest microprocessor technology ensures high accuracy of the given parameters. The output currents in the treatment mode are, without you noticing, calibrated and automatically adjusted to the current skin resistance. This guarantees the real current per pulse, regardless of the connected body resistance.

The generation of an initial voltage of 60V for each channel galvanically isolated from any other potential ensures the best possible interference treatment (two different currents intersect at the point of pain), which is not guaranteed in low-cost devices. The galvanic isolation of the channels with voltages up to 60V and the measurement of the output currents requires a very high use of electronic resources and a high programming effort, whereby such a device also requires its price. On the other hand, you can be sure that you can cover all requirements with this microcurrent device. The frequencies are generated directly from a 8.38 MHz clocked processor, which ensures an accuracy of better than 1%.

Clinic-Master und Vital-Master with a measurement?

The measurement in the diagnostic mode corresponds in its function to the guidelines of the standards of the International Medical Society for EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll) Here the conductivity of the body is divided into a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100, whereby a value of 50 (= 95kOhm) represents a healthy value, while gross deviations suggest pathological (pathological) values. For details, refer to the international trade press. In the treatment mode, current pulses are provided on two or four output channels whose current intensity, frequency, polarity and current increase can be individually adjusted within wide ranges.

Frequency-Specific Therapy FSM

Now some questions will arise, what do the Clinic Master and the Vital Master have to do with frequency-specific microstorm therapy?

Quite simply, both devices were able to use this special form of microcurrent therapy as early as 2007. Based on the procedures of Dr. med. McMakin, Dr. med. Bauermeister is the frequency-specific therapy through a special software with the devices around.

Bauermeister (2009) described the core of the frequency-specific therapy, based on McMakin in that two different vibrations are simultaneously introduced into the Körer. For example, 10 Hz represents the resonance frequency of the spinal cord and 40 Hz the frequency of neurogenic tissue inflammation. If, according to Bauermeister (2009), based on McMakin, these two frequencies combined, they can relieve inflammation in the Rückemark, which can also be a cause of the disease fibromyalgia. (Bauermeister, 2009)

Bauermeister (2009) in der Zeitschrift Orthopädie-Osteoporose.
Frequenz-Spezifische-Therapie, 2009

In Germany and Belgium, there is currently a hype about frequency-specific microcurrent therapy. But apparently, the devices used here are somewhat questionable.

Clinic-Master = robust, practical and effective

The Clinic Master was equipped with 4 galvanically isolated channels. However, one has to say that although all four channels were galvanically separated from each other, but also the Clinic Master was in the true sense ‘only’ a two-channel device.

Kanäle des Clinic-Master

The output signal was identical on the channels A1 and A2 (among each other) as well on the channels B1 and B2. Thus, as a user had four channels available, which also had the necessary separation, but there were actually only two channels from a technical point of view.

Information about the device was displayed on a four-line display and it was easy to navigate in the menu via a rotary wheel that also had a selection function by pressing. Incidentally, it was very easy for users of frequency-specific therapy to change the frequencies or entire frequency packets under the therapy or jump back and forth between them.

Bedienung des Clinic-Master

Clinical studies with the Clinic-Master

In fact, the Clinic Master has laid the foundation for almost all microcurrent devices in Germany (more on that later when it comes to ‘badly copied, not homemade’).

As we have already described in some articles, a conformity assessment procedure AND a clinical assessment have to be carried out for microcurrent devices. Otherwise, the device must not be sold, let alone used on the patient. The Clinic Master has been able to complete a few studies that have been used by subsequent devices as well as copiers to clinically evaluate their devices. But even with MEDDEV 2.7 / 1 Revision 4 and the MDR, that’s finally over.

With the Clinic-Master i.a. a randomized patient-side masked and placebo-controlled trial in patients after knee-TEP. Similarly, a placebo-controlled study in nonspecific neck pain and an observational study on the use of microcurrent in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS.

Further studies and examinations with the Clinic-Master were carried out, but that would be beyond the scope of this study.

Working with the Clinic-Master microcurrent device

Elektrodenanlage Clinic-Master

An estimated over 95% of working with the Clinic-Master microcurrent device consists of the application of adhesive electrodes (estimated value). Over the years, a wide variety of application models and procedures have emerged here. Certainly, the fact that the devices of different disciplines with different objectives have been used and are still used today surely plays into this.

Thus, in the ‘standard application’ (if there is one), the pain area is taken into an imaginary reticule of two channels, another channel is used for any radiation pain, and the last remaining channel is used to stimulate lymphatic peristalsis. This approach has made the application with the microcurrent straightforward for beginners relatively easy, as shown in the following figure.

Clinic-Master Ellbogenbehandlung

Basic wraps – detoxifying and deacidifying

Even in this area, perhaps more in the wellness corner than in medicine, (which, it is a matter of opinion), the device was used. 

Quelle: bella 43/2005

The effect of losing weight with microcurrents can be left aside, but the basic salt wraps as such, can be an excellent supplement in a detoxification program. Bauermeister (2009) described the use of basic diapers in combination with the frequency-specific therapy as follows: “[…] in the regeneration treatment rubbed the entire body with a basic gel and covered with a hot, soaked in alkaline saline bed sheets Electrodes are placed on the neck and on the feet and connected to the microcurrent device.For forty-five minutes, the body is exposed to the vibrations of the microcurrents, causing a strong relaxation and stimulating the function of the lungs, liver, kidney, intestine and skin. …] After the treatment, the excretion is increased, the body tingles and in the urine can be detected after several treatments heavy metals, which are stored in the body. (Bauermeister, 2009)

The use of such basic winding is relatively complex and requires on the one hand a corresponding preparation and ‘reprocessing’ of the used winding. Given this fact, such a treatment / application can cost between € 80 to € 150 per session and this must also be economical.

Treatment of trigger points, reflex muscles and meridians

Trigger points and reflex muscles can be treated in a variety of ways with the Clinic-Master microcurrent device. On the one hand, it is possible to treat the fascia trains and thus the reflex muscle attraction with stick electrodes and, on the other hand, adhesive electrodes can be attached to decisive starting points in order to carry out targeted therapies with a simultaneous manual therapeutic application.

Diaphragma (thorakales Zwerchfell)

Especially the treatment of the diaphragm shows what influence micro-current therapy can have on the fascial and muscular apparatus in the human body.

Triggerpunkte mit Mikrostrom behandeln

The literature shows that the biopsy of trigger points has a high concentration of pro-inflammatory cytokines. This is an explanatory model of why using the Clinic Master with microcurrent can have a fast and sustainable effect here. Here can be intervened both with adhesive electrodes as well as the application with stick electrodes by the user. The last generation of the Clinic Master had already implemented an early form of LED light therapy. This can be used for selective treatment of trigger points.

Clinic-Master Mikrostromgerät in der TCM

From a conventional medical perspective, the treatment of meridians and acupuncture points may be controversial, but the microcurrent also in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in some users quite well and successfully, as reported.

Copies of a successful concept

The Clinic Master can indeed ‘look back on a success story’. In the course of the active period, more or less during the high phase, further microcurrent devices have appeared on the German market in order to ‘dock’ with the success of the Clinic Master. It can be argued that without the Clinic-Master the devices Cellpard, Cellflow and also JeeCee BESt would not exist. If you keep in mind that these devices had their ‘cradle’ in the circle of pain therapists and the founders of this circle were all together with representatives / distributors of the Clinic Master, then this claim is also quite obvious. All this proves once again that the Clinic Master was probably the most successful microcurrent device of the last decade.

Production and sales discontinued in 2010/11

The production of the Clinic and Vital Masters was discontinued at the end of 2010. Sales in 2011. The maintenance and any repairs of the device were taken over by Luxxamed GmbH, which has inherited the legacy of the Clinic-Masters with the micro-power devices of the HD series.

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