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Who is allowed to perform Microcurrent Therapy ♂

Who is allowed to carry Out Microcurrent Therapy in Germany? That is a good Question as we find and there seems to be a real Need for information here. Due to Hints from some Therapists that personal trainers , Coaches, fitness trainers and aspiringNaturopaths offer Microcurrent therapy in patients for relief diseases, We find, Here […]

Microcurrent for chronic wounds

microcurrent-chronic wounds

Microcurrent in therapy in patients with chronic wounds Chronic wounds are an ever-increasing problem for millions of patients, including in Germany. The treatment costs of an ulcer cruris patient are approximately 9,570 eurosper year. If one imagines thatmore than 1-2 million people in Germany suffer from chronic wounds, it is obvious what cost pressure arises […]

Microcurrent in Wellness and Sports Performance Enhancement

Microcurrent podcast

Microcurrent in Wellness and the Increase In sports Conduction   Here’S the full Transcription of the Podcast about Microcurrent In Wellness and Sports Performance Enhancement   I: Welcome to a new Podcast of Mikrostrom Punkt com, today again an interesting Edition, namely an interview. As an Interviewee, I have won Doctor Thorsten Stüker. He is […]

Book Launch-Current Medicine

Electricity Medicine – Pain Solution With Latest MicroCurrent Technology Compendium and practical Instructions for applying Microcurrent in Therapy The first Version of “Current Medicine” was included as a Textbook designed to help those with knowledge of Microcurrent therapy with their Devices through general Guidelines. Therefore, it was better suited for Practitioners and those with medical […]

Clinical Evaluation Of Microcurrent Devices

Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices Manufacturers of Medical Devices are clinically obliged to Evaluate Them The Medical Devices Directive 93/42 EEC calls for The basic requirements For All medical devices in the European market to be met. It does not Matter whether this Product has already been introduced to the Market or is about to […]

Nepper, Tug, Farmer Catcher – Microcurrent

Microcurrentdevice _ medical product

Nepper, Tug, Farmer catcher – Microcurrent? Not again! We have reported in detail in the Past on the CE labelling Of Microcurrent Devices and, in our View, have made it abundantly clear that false Information on CE labelling is not a Cavalier offence. But some may never get smart. A new Player in the Market? […]

Leg length difference

Leg length differences How do leg length differences arise and what are the effects? How can microcurrent therapy be used here and what effects can be expected? Medicine describes as a leg length difference a difference in length of the lower extremities from the foot to the hip. In the case of the real leg […]

Regulatory Medicine and Microstrom

Regulatory medicine microcurrent

Use of microcurrent in regulatory medicine Wikipedia describes the term regulatory medicine as the diversity of alternative medicine, naturopathy, experiential medicine and biological medicine. According to Wikipedia, the aim of regulation therapy is to positively influence life energy through natural resources, heat, cold and other methods of intervention for regulation (Wikipedia, 2018). Regulatory medicine does […]

Microcurrent and cellular metabolism


Microcurrent and cellular metabolism – A demolition to the effect of HD2000+ The microcurrent is able to affect the cell metabolism we wrote in many places. But to what extent has this actually been proven? As a rule, microcurrent devices are medical devices, especially in connection with the respective microcurrent, which is to be indicated […]

Wellness device microcurrent – short message


Mikrostromgerät als Wellnessprodukt / Wellnessgerät und nicht als Medizinprodukt kaufen/verkaufen Short message – from current cause: What should be considered if a microcurrent device is declared as a wellness product / wellness device and when will a medical device automatically become unwanted from a wellness device? Medical devices are subject to very strict conditions before […]


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