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We would like to explain to you the advantages of the frequency-specific micro current therapy and at the same time help to find the right micro current device for you. Microcurrent therapy has been known in the USA for years and is used there in complementary pain therapy. In Germany, the first microcurrent devices, from German manufacturers, since the year 2000 to find.

We have over 20 years of experience in the development, production, marketing and CE marking of microcurrent devices in Europe!

The right adhesive electrodes can be essential

The adhesive electrodes are the last resort and form the contact with the patient. Therefore, one should also look very carefully here and buy high-quality adhesive electrodes. Often, the physical properties of the adhesive electrodes are not suitable for microcurrent therapy. The care of electrodes is also not negligible, because hygienic standards should be kept straight here. The micro current therapy may depend on the quality of the adhesive electrodes and you should not save here. Adhesive electrodes for microcurrent

Literature on Microcurrent Therapy

The application possibilities of micro current therapy are very broad. Therefore it is recommended to find the suitable literature for yourself and your practice. Meanwhile, in addition to English-language literature on microcurrent and frequency-specific microcurrent, a selection of German literature can be found. Literature on Microcurrent Therapy

Are you looking for a microcurrent device?

Why not compare what the market has to offer! There are / were some providers, but in some area you should look behind the scenes. Not everywhere is also in it, what it says. Microcurrent devices are medical devices that require manufacturers to comply with a quality management system and compliance with various regulatory and regulatory requirements. For this reason, it is important for users (doctors, therapists) to make the right choice and critically examine offers. In the end it is about the safety of your patients and, of course, about offering the best possible micro current therapy. Microcurrent device overview

Who is allowed to perform Microcurrent Therapy ♂

Who is allowed to carry Out Microcurrent Therapy in Germany? That is a good Question as we find and there seems to be a real Need for information here. Due to Hints from some Therapists that personal trainers , Coaches, fitness trainers and aspiringNaturopaths offer Microcurrent therapy in patients for relief diseases, We find, Here […]

Microcurrent for chronic wounds

microcurrent-chronic wounds

Microcurrent in therapy in patients with chronic wounds Chronic wounds are an ever-increasing problem for millions of patients, including in Germany. The treatment costs of an ulcer cruris patient are approximately 9,570 eurosper year. If one imagines thatmore than 1-2 million people in Germany suffer from chronic wounds, it is obvious what cost pressure arises […]

Microcurrent in Wellness and Sports Performance Enhancement

Microcurrent podcast

Microcurrent in Wellness and the Increase In sports Conduction   Here’S the full Transcription of the Podcast about Microcurrent In Wellness and Sports Performance Enhancement   I: Welcome to a new Podcast of Mikrostrom Punkt com, today again an interesting Edition, namely an interview. As an Interviewee, I have won Doctor Thorsten Stüker. He is […]

Book Launch-Current Medicine

Electricity Medicine – Pain Solution With Latest MicroCurrent Technology Compendium and practical Instructions for applying Microcurrent in Therapy The first Version of “Current Medicine” was included as a Textbook designed to help those with knowledge of Microcurrent therapy with their Devices through general Guidelines. Therefore, it was better suited for Practitioners and those with medical […]

Clinical Evaluation Of Microcurrent Devices

Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices Manufacturers of Medical Devices are clinically obliged to Evaluate Them The Medical Devices Directive 93/42 EEC calls for The basic requirements For All medical devices in the European market to be met. It does not Matter whether this Product has already been introduced to the Market or is about to […]


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