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We would like to explain to you the advantages of the frequency-specific micro current therapy and at the same time help to find the right micro current device for you. Microcurrent therapy has been known in the USA for years and is used there in complementary pain therapy. In Germany, the first microcurrent devices, from German manufacturers, since the year 2000 to find.

We have over 20 years of experience in the development, production, marketing and CE marking of microcurrent devices in Europe!

The right adhesive electrodes can be essential

The adhesive electrodes are the last resort and form the contact with the patient. Therefore, one should also look very carefully here and buy high-quality adhesive electrodes. Often, the physical properties of the adhesive electrodes are not suitable for microcurrent therapy. The care of electrodes is also not negligible, because hygienic standards should be kept straight here. The micro current therapy may depend on the quality of the adhesive electrodes and you should not save here. Adhesive electrodes for microcurrent

Literature on Microcurrent Therapy

The application possibilities of micro current therapy are very broad. Therefore it is recommended to find the suitable literature for yourself and your practice. Meanwhile, in addition to English-language literature on microcurrent and frequency-specific microcurrent, a selection of German literature can be found. Literature on Microcurrent Therapy

Are you looking for a microcurrent device?

Why not compare what the market has to offer! There are / were some providers, but in some area you should look behind the scenes. Not everywhere is also in it, what it says. Microcurrent devices are medical devices that require manufacturers to comply with a quality management system and compliance with various regulatory and regulatory requirements. For this reason, it is important for users (doctors, therapists) to make the right choice and critically examine offers. In the end it is about the safety of your patients and, of course, about offering the best possible micro current therapy. Microcurrent device overview

Leg length difference

Leg length differences How do leg length differences arise and what are the effects? How can microcurrent therapy be used here and what effects can be expected? Medicine describes as a leg length difference a difference in length of the lower extremities from the foot to the hip. In the case of the real leg […]

Regulatory Medicine and Microstrom

Regulatory medicine microcurrent

Use of microcurrent in regulatory medicine Wikipedia describes the term regulatory medicine as the diversity of alternative medicine, naturopathy, experiential medicine and biological medicine. According to Wikipedia, the aim of regulation therapy is to positively influence life energy through natural resources, heat, cold and other methods of intervention for regulation (Wikipedia, 2018). Regulatory medicine does […]

Microcurrent and cellular metabolism


Microcurrent and cellular metabolism – A demolition to the effect of HD2000+ The microcurrent is able to affect the cell metabolism we wrote in many places. But to what extent has this actually been proven? As a rule, microcurrent devices are medical devices, especially in connection with the respective microcurrent, which is to be indicated […]

Wellness device microcurrent – short message


Mikrostromgerät als Wellnessprodukt / Wellnessgerät und nicht als Medizinprodukt kaufen/verkaufen Short message – from current cause: What should be considered if a microcurrent device is declared as a wellness product / wellness device and when will a medical device automatically become unwanted from a wellness device? Medical devices are subject to very strict conditions before […]

Prostate hypertrophy with microcurrent

Prostate Hypertrophy – Experience Microcurrent Therapy “[…] I had a great result in a 55-year-old man with Zn BSV L4 / 5 and in addition benign prostatic hypertrophy, which causes him great discomfort due to pressure behind the pubis, and he had to wait at least 5-6 before treatment get up at night and urinate […]